So, this is the hardcore land of the two Arenas where it will be PVP enforced. EVERYONE can join this Arena. Client 12.00 from our downloads page must be used should you wish to enter here.

To get in to the Global Arena just speak with Captain of specific cities about global arena. List of the cities from which you may get in to the arena: Edron, Darashia, Liberty Bay and Carlin. Additionaly, you can also use mystic flame, the same which you are using to get in to the training room.

Global Arena settings:
1. Maximum of 30 players from each guild may join.
2. AOE spells / runes has their damage reduced.
3. Death penalty is same as on server, so death on global arena means death in-game.
4. Supreme Health Potions, Ultimate Mana Potions or Ultimate Spirit Potions gives same amount of their lower versions. That means supreme health potions gives same amount of mana/health as ultimate health potion, ultimate mana potions gives same amount of mana as great mana potion and ultimate spirit potion gives same amount of mana/health as great spirit potion.
5. Equipment gives 50% of their damage abilities (excluding amulets and rings)
6. You must be in a guild to join.
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