May 09 2020 - Pangeria is launching
The planned start of the server will take place on May the 15th at 18:00 (CEST) and will be hosted in Europe. If the interest is high and everything works as expected we will of course in the future also be looking to opening one for US and Brazilian players!

Pangeria's vision and goal is to provide a stable 10.00 and 12.00 server with the most recent up-to-date content available. Right now, there are a lot of servers, yet noone of them seem to meet the players' expectations of what a server really should offer. People seems to play on these kinds of servers simply because there are not better current alternatives. Because of this, we decided that it would be a good idea to collaborate with a handful of experienced players - both RPG-Players and PVP-Players. Collaboration, in the sense that we would receive feedback and work on addressing these points for a long period of time. You could thus say that this is a server made by players themselves.

In terms of features, we will of course provide you with almost all the recent maps, graphics, systems, events and quests that has been taken place in individual game updates paste the 10.00 client. We have also realized that there are 2 types of players, those who are against using bots (especially when it comes to wars), and thos who are not willing to play without any additional software at all.

That is why we decided to slightly diversify the PVP-fights by implementing a feature called PVP Arena. In these arenas (which will be consisting out of a map-pool from the most crowded places), you will be required to use the 12.00 client, which as you might already know will not allow you to use any bot whatsoever.

To get in to the Arena just speak with Captain of specific cities about arena. List of the cities from which you may get in to the arena: Edron, Darashia, Liberty Bay and Carlin. Additionaly, you can also use mystic flame, the same which you are using to get in to the training room.

PVP Arena settings:

1. Maximum of 30 players from each guild may join.
2. AOE spells / runes has their damage reduced.
3. Death penalty is same as on server, so death on global arena means death in-game.
4. Supreme Health Potions, Ultimate Mana Potions or Ultimate Spirit Potions gives same amount of their lower versions. That means supreme health potions gives same amount of mana/health as ultimate health potion, ultimate mana potions gives same amount of mana as great mana potion and ultimate spirit potion gives same amount of mana/health as great spirit potion.
5. Equipment gives 50% of their damage abilities (excluding amulets and rings)

All these minor tweaks and fixes were made in order to produce a much fairer battle-environment for the arenas.

Pangeria Features

Retro PVP
Up-to-date map content
A cam system that records every single milisecond of every each character.
A cast system that lets you stream your gameplay.
A unique Dedicated Arenas, which sets everyones level/skills to a precise amount.
Multi-threading, which will not let you experience even a single freeze/lag.

Experience Stages
From LevelTo LevelMultiplier

Skill Stages
From LevelTo LevelMultiplier

Magic Stages
From LevelTo LevelMultiplier
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